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  • WP QuickDraw uses on-demand technology to automatically deliver maximum clarity and detail when visitors zoom on your images PLUS adding 24X pan and zoom for the greatest immersion.
  • Fully automatic - WP QuickDraw works with the images already in your WordPress Media Library to instantly change your entire visitor experience upon activation of the plugin.

Try it Here!

  1. Zoom on an image with either pinch-zoom (touch) or ctrl-mousewheel (desktop) to download increased image detail. 
  2. Just keep zooming! (mobile – click on the icon first to load into a new page).
  3. Zoom out or click outside the image to return to the page (go back on mobile).

Your WordPress website can do this now!
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Website experiences around the world are dramatically changing

That's right - simple zooming on WordPress websites now delivers images with much higher detail and clarity. WP QuickDraw automatically delivers the quality your visitors need - but only when they need it - saving you both time and bandwidth while maximizing their experience with your content.

Automatic - but also adjustable.

Plug and play is at the heart of WP QuickDraw. As soon as you install and activate the plugin most of your images (QuickDraw picks the most obvious ones) will immediately offer your visitors enhanced detail and let them explore your images with TrueZoom. But simple settings in your dashboard will let you customize which images are activated on your site. For more info please see our FAQ/Support page.