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Cameras are making bigger and better images and even handheld devices are now capable of displaying them. But while zooming in on those images is now a natural part of our daily connected experience, those larger images just appear blurry. We’re changing that. WP QuickDraw is our WordPress plugin platform for developing and delivering an entire suite of patented and patent-pending imaging technologies that accelerate the immersive imaging experience. Your visitors are telling you exactly what images they want to see better when they zoom. You’ve got their attention.  Let’s give them what they want. Let's do it fast.

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Automatically replacing initial webpage images with the best quality on your server when your visitors zoom in is just the beginning. Extended pan and zoom with TrueZoom to explore that detail is a natural next feature already in WP QuickDraw. What's next? Progressive PNG (pPNG) delivers lossless PNG images in multiple, increasing stages of resolution, each building upon the last, each delivered only as user demand dictates, and with a total bandwidth even less than that of the original image. Combine that with new image enhancement technologies, deep color encoding for greater color depth and other projects in our skunk works, and it all adds up to our mission of delivering better images faster.

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… and yes, all these future developments are included in your subscription. We can only do it with your support. And we appreciate that support so we can let our tech geeks have fun at what they do best to deliver the next generation of fast, immersive imaging technologies.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Shawn Kelly
CEO and co-founder, HifiPix, Inc.
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA